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Tandem flights Paragliding Delphi

Tandem flights
Paragliding Delphi

Requiring you to do nothing more than take a few steps at take-off and at landing, you will fly safely, comfortably and calmly with free hands to point, take photos or video, talk freely with the pilot and marvel. For those with a bit more adrenaline, some acrobatic maneuvers will increase the Gs. Just ask the pilot and you can experience more fun than at a funfair ride.

Tandem flight over Delphi - Fly with Safety!!

The flight starts just 500 meters outside the town of Delphi at a point with incredible views of the sea. The surrounding cliffs offer the opportunity to enjoy them in a unique way that only birds can. The parachute will help you run through them from edge to edge, gain height, pass in front of and over caves and often fly past predators that roam them. The view of the sea in the distance always stands before your eyes and, along with the Mornos River, which you pass overhead, provides the wet element that makes the flight even more beautiful. The combination of the steep cliffs with the Mornos river, the endless olive grove and the sea in the background justifies the reputation of the Delphic landscape and makes the flight from here unique!

You can arrange a tandem flight with the Paragliding Fun school and make your dream come true, with absolute safety as a passenger in the hands of the multiple times champion and Greek Cup winner Yiannis Xiros.

Tandem Flights Alternative Options

The flying school Paragliding Fun is active in all of the Fokida prefecture. The area has many take-offs suitable to all kind of wind directions. Is the only place in Greece that you can fly all year around with good enough thermal conditions even during the winter.

Tandem Flight over the archaeological site of Delphi

Paragliding by itself is a magical feeling and a unique experience. But flying over the archaeological site of Delphi, having such breathtaking views to the ancient place and to the beauty of the area is an unparalleled flight that nowhere else in the world is possible to happen but here. Taking off from 1250 m high, flying over the legendary mountain of Parnassus, next to huge vertical rock faces, while you're always have the view of the sea to your left it makes the flight a must to live experience. A flight and views that you could live only with an helicopter or through the camera of your drone, is possible without a machine, out of windows and free as a bird. Live the experience over Parnassus mountain, enjoying spectacular views and visiting the archaeological site of Delphi in a totally different and unbelievable way.

Tandem Flight over Kamena Vourla

The flight over Kamena Vourla offers a stunning view of the coastal area of the city. Starting from 650 meters, through an opening in the lush mountain above Kamena Vourla, the passenger can enjoy the endless blue sea between the city and Evia. Lihadonisia is in his field of vision as well as the whole Maliac Gulf as far as the eye can see, as far as Stylida and Raches. The green mountain and its lush vegetation, with its vertical rocks offer a fantastic combination of mountain and sea, green and blue. A green that transforms into a colourful palette of yellow, orange and red colours, as Autumn sets in, and turns from light green to darker after Spring when the first leaves come out. The town of Kamena Vourla and the highway with its fake, as it appears from above, are below your feet and the angle to enjoy it from above along with the view of the wider area is only possible by flying with a paraglider. In the very experienced hands of the instructor Yiannis Xiros, who has been flying since 1994 and has won many firsts in Greece and abroad, you can live in complete safety, a unique experience over this beautiful landscape.

Tandem Flight over Itea

Flying over the city of Itea gives you the opportunity to combine the 600 m high vertical rock faces standing above the sea with the beauty of the sea itself and the tiny islands in the bay. Take-off is 750m asl (above sea level) and landing is in the town’s marina.


Paragliding Delphi & Activities

Tandem flights - Paragliding Delphi

One of the most famous ancient sites in Greece, the town of Delphi is located above a 300-meter vertical cliff almost as dramatic as the monasteries at Meteora. In ancient times Delphi was the location of the most famous of the oracles, visited by the most powerful rulers seeking to know the future. As a result, Delphi became one of the richest towns with astounding temples and other important buildings and important from pre-historic to Roman times. The site today is most impressive and the museum filled with treasures including the famous statue of Iniohos.

For us, Delphi is also an amazing place to fly. The take-off is just outside the town at about 500 meters above sea level. The beauty is breathtaking and one can fly above the cliffs full of caves, often accompanies by local birds of prey and even over the town and the ancient site itself. The valley below is the largest olive grove on the planet with over 1.2 million trees and all in full view of the coast of the Corinthian Gulf below.

Visitors to Delphi have much else to do in the area apart from the flying and the ancient site. Hikers have a wide choice of walks either upwards on ancient stone paths from Delphi towards the Parnassos mountain or down from Delphi to the coast at Kirra the ancient port of Delphi. In only a few minutes drive from Delphi one can visit the 1,000-year-old monastery of Prophet Elias with its astonishing wooden carved chapel.

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No 1 Extreme Activity in Delphi. Paragliding - Tandem flights over Delphi, Arachova (over archaeological site of Delphi), Itea & Kamena Vourla.
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