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Cross Country Flying - Third and Final School

A pilot who has learned to use thermals with ease is ready to learn all the strategies and techniques that will help him to fly big distances over mountains and valleys with only the help of the thermals. To achieve this goal he has to follow his instructor in the sky, to be shown how to fly from thermal to thermal, from mountain to mountain, how to cross a valley, how to handle the valley or sea wind, when to fly faster or slower, when to climb until the cloud’s base, when to fly on the lea side of a mountain and much more. Theoretical lessons before the flights and analysis after the flights will help the student pilot understand in a better way what to do and when, what to avoid and how to make the forces of nature serve his needs for long and joyful XC flights. It will take 5-7 flights for a pilot to establish the foundations that will help him fly long distances by himself.

Cross country flights with paragliding fun
Cross country flights with paragliding fun

The region of Fokida is an ideal place for someone to be trained for XC flights and there many reasons for this. First of all, it is flyable with good thermal activity all year round while most places in Greece are waiting for Spring. Secondly, the four high mountain ranges of Parnassos, Giona, Vardousia and Iti, with the valleys among them, create many thermals that usually take you higher than 3000-3500m ASL and thus you can easily cover bigger distances. Thirdly there are many different take offs, easily accessible, facing different wind directions and so you are able to fly no matter what the direction of wind. To all of the above, you can add the possibility of ending your flights always by the sea after a long XC flight. Finally, the region is ideal for family holidays, with various activities available for the whole family and easy access to the famous archaeological site of Delphi.

Cross country flights with paragliding fun
Cross country flights with paragliding fun

All these make Fokida a unique destination in the world, combining long distance flying with family holidays by the sea.
Yannis Xiros flies in the area since 1994 and knows it better than anyone. His abilities are proven every year both in competitions and the XC League where he typically wins first place. His abilities, experience and teaching talent make him an ideal instructor to help other pilots fulfill their dreams of flying like birds.

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No 1 Extreme Activity in Delphi. Paragliding - Tandem flights over Delphi, Arachova (over archaeological site of Delphi), Itea & Kamena Vourla.
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