Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Have you ever seen in your dreams that you were flying?

If something like this is a still a dream, now is the time to make your dream come true.

At the end of 20th century humans managed to make the magic carpet become real by inventing the paraglider. Just a piece of a fabric can help us fly in the air like birds without a motor, without heavy weight and volume to store it. It is a magic carpet we can carry all the time in our car, on our bike, or even on foot, since there are types of gear which weigh less than 5 kilograms!!

Paragliding - Tandem flying sites nearby

Organize a tandem flight with the school paragliding fun. See below the flight sites:

  • Delphi


    Take off from 500 m high and enjoy a close view of the vertical rocks around Delphi and the famous archaeological site from above.

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  • Arachova


    Take off from 1200 m high and fly over the town of Arachova to the east and over Delphi to the west.

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  • Itea & Galaxidi

    Itea & Galaxidi

    Take off from 750 m high and enjoy a sky cruise over the beautifull tiny turquoise water islands of the Corinthian golf infront Itea and Galaxidi towns.

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  • Amfissa


    Take off from a hill next to the cyclopean castle of the city of Amfissa and enjoy the view over the biggest olive grow in earth ending to the sea.

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  • Trizonia Island

    Trizonia Island

    Flying over Trizonia island and the nearby island of Saint Ioannis with its unique sea lake, is an unbeatable beauty!

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  • Mornos Lake

    Mornos Lake

    Η πτήση εδώ προσφέρει μοναδικές εικόνες της πανέμορφης λίμνης του Μόρνου, αλλά και του επιβλητικού ορεινού όγκου των Βαρδουσίων.

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A few words about Paragliding

  • Paragliding was invented by French alpinists in the late 70s as a fast way to come back down from mountain peaks. In the mid-80s it evolved into what we all know today as paragliding. Since then, many steps have been made in the evolution of this sport and there have been amazing improvements in safety and performance.

  • Paragliders are made of a special synthetic double material, with openings at the front, or leading edge, which allows the wind to enter and give the wing its aerodynamic shape. This material, the canopy, is connected with the pilot’s harness through special lines. The weight of the pilot hangs below and the speed he gives at the take-off makes the paraglider start flying. Some of these lines end in two handles, called brakes, and we use them to steer and brake the paraglider. These lines are constructed from Kevlar or similar materials capable of supporting large weights. All together, they can stand from 8 to 21 G’s virtually removing any chance of accident through material failure.

  • Someone who wants to fly needs three basic things:

    • The canopy,
    • the lines
    • a harness where the pilot sits.

    This hangs from special risers from the lines and contains an extra reserve parachute (there are also harnesses with two reserves). Reserves are needed mainly for psychological support, since they are very rarely necessary, in cases of very big mistakes in very bad conditions. The paraglider is a type of parachute itself and that makes different in safety compared to other flying inventions such as hang gliders, helicopters, or airplanes. The paraglider might collapse but reopen by itself. There are five categories depending on the passive safety. The safer types trade off performance for passive safety. As you gain experience, you can trade off some passive safety for performance.

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